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MyFlightPal offers safe and secure flight bookings. Every piece of information pertaining to the terms of use for flight reservations has been provided in the subsequent paragraphs. We advice you to first read these stipulations carefully before you decide to avail our services. In case you do not agree with any clause as explained in our terms of use, you may clarify the same with us. And where do not find our clarification satisfactory enough, you may refrain from using our website for your flight booking. As you decide to use our services, we would deem it as your complete agreement with all our stipulations as stated here.

For more on our terms of use, you may place your request at or write us at MyFlightPal, 85 Great Portland Street, London, England, W1W 7LT.


While you book a flight through us, you will simultaneously enter into a contract with the relevant travel supplier. This might be the airline company booking your flight, the hotel owner, or the travel operator directly involved with your booking. These service providers have their own sets of terms and conditions that are outside the domain of our policy documents. We won’t be responsible for their stipulations and will suggest you to thoroughly read their policies as you book your flight through us. In case, you cannot find their respective policy documents, you could ask the concerned supplier for a copy of the same.


While you share your details at the time of flight booking, we expect that all the information being shared with us is correct to the best of your knowledge. On your part, you must also verify that the booking details for your flight booking are correct and accurate. We do not entertain any booking changes/alterations after the completion of flight booking process. In case such changes are permitted, there may be certain charges involved for incorporating the changes.

From our end, we will be confirming your personal as well as your booking details with the relevant service provider for weeding out any discrepancy. Where you come across any issue related to your booking details, you must notify us about the same at the earliest. All flight tickets issued by us are non-transferable, non-changeable and non-refundable, unless mentioned otherwise.

Where required, we may pass on your information that you share with us to the concerned authorities that include custom and immigration officials. This may cover your sensitive information pertaining to your religious affiliation, diet or disability. Further, investigation or security officials may ask us to share your booking information.

Please note here that your personal details will not be given to any third party without your prior consent. In case you are travelling to the United States, customs or border protection officials may ask us to share your information for prevention or investigation of terror and cyber-related crimes. You may place a request with your concerned service provider for a copy of documents entailing complete information related to your data protection.

Booking Confirmation

We will be confirming your flight prices while processing your fight reservation. For issues related to payment or transaction process, we will intimate you immediately via e-mail or telephone. You can expect your confirmed flight ticket within 48 hours after booking confirmation.


Baggage charges depend on factors like travel class, cabin type, flight route and other special requirements that you request with the airline you are flying with. Please note that the airline will levy extra charges for special services, additional baggage and check-in baggage. For latest directives related to baggage limits and baggage charges, you may visit the website of the concerned airline.

We expect you to arrive at the airport on time in order to avoid last-minute hassles associated with airport formalities. In case you fail to abide by the norms for flight boarding as directed by the airline, a “No-Show” will be marked against your flight ticket. Further, they will not entertain any refund or changes for your travel arrangements. Make sure that you have the passport, visa and other travel documents handy while boarding your flight.


We expect our customers to pay in full or part (where permitted) for flight bookings. If you are making only a partial payment for your arrangement, you will be required to make the remaining payment on or before the due date. Where you fail to make the payment on time, the airline will have the prerogative to cancel your booking which may further involve cancellation charges in accordance with their terms of use.


Ticket category for your flight reservation depends on the travel route and the airline with which the ticket is being booked. Most of the airlines now readily issue electronic tickets. will issue e-tickets if the itinerary permits the same. Paper tickets are generally issued for chartered flights and are sent through regular postal service.

Non-Delivery or Non-Receipt of Tickets:

In case you do not receive the paper ticket or e- ticket, you must inform us about the same at the earliest. Further, it will not be our responsibility if you do not receive your e-ticket due to your junk mail settings or where you have provided a wrong e-mail address.

Airline Ticket Refunds

An administration fee of £50 per ticket will be levied for airline ticket returned for compensation regardless of the total number of tickets being returned. Further, cancellation charges will be levied by the airline or the consolidator in line with their respective terms and conditions.

Your ticket will be deemed as completely non-refundable if the flight fare is less than the administration fee applicable for the refund process. Then there are administration charges of £50 per ticket applicable for tax refund application which will be furnished from our end at your request. We won't release the refund money until we receive the same from the concerned airline or the travel consolidator. Normally, it takes about 8-10 weeks from the day of submission of refund request to the concerned airline or the consolidator.

Your Payment Protection

We ensure a protected payment gateway for all the Flights and Holiday Packages that you book with us. They are protected by SSL encryption and we have an authorized certification to validate the same. This way all the transactions and purchases that you make on our website are fully PCI compliant making them 100% safe & secure.

We help you secure your payments with Secure SSL Booking gateway and you will receive all the elements covered under the terms of payment protection. You may ask our agents for SSL certification for any further information regarding the same. This protection is provided primarily to customers who book and make payments for their travel arrangements in the UK.

Bookings Made Online

As you book your tickets online, you will be required to enter all the necessary details. Every online booking will be automatically processed and it will be your complete responsibility to ensure that all the details shared with us, including but not limited to travel information, is correct to the best of your knowledge; that you have chosen the right flight, hotel, or any other special travel arrangement; that your data is entered accurately and is the same as that printed on your passport.

We won’t be liable for any discrepancy in any information that you have entered online or share with us. You must agree to the fact that any error while entering the data or while choosing your travel arrangements could result in extra charges. Where you use a credit/debit card for making your payment, kindly ensure that the card is issued in your name or if you are using a card of a third-party, then you have his due authorization to use the card. There must be sufficient funds in the debit/credit card to cover the entire cost of the package and additional travel arrangements. As we accept your travel booking, we will process the same depending on the availability, and debit the required payment from your respective account. After this, we will send you a confirmation e-mail along with a copy of invoice to your registered e-mail address. We do not provide any guarantee or representation for the availability of any particular holiday package, flight or any individual element. Our online booking service is protected against any malware or infectious virus.

Bookings Made Through Telephone

As you make a booking via telephone, you will be expected to share all the necessary details as required. Do ensure that every piece of information that you share with us is complete and accurate. If you use a debit/credit card for making the payment for your booking, then make sure that the card is issued in your name. Where you use a card of a third-part card owner, you must have the complete authority to use the card to make the payment. The card that you use for your booking must have enough funds for the complete payment as well as any additional arrangements. Telephone booking confirmation holds the same authority as that of a written format.

We cannot guarantee availability of any particular package, flight, or individual element until your booking gets confirmed after you make the complete payment. After we accept your booking, we will process the same from our end and deduct the total fare from your account. Henceforth, cancellation charges will apply. Thereafter, we will send a confirmation e-mail along with your ticket(s) and a copy of invoice to your registered e-mail address. As you receive our mail, verify your invoice and ticket details for any discrepancy, and in case you come across any such issues, bring the same to our notice at the earliest. After completion of your booking process, any king of booking changes will entail additional charges along with the service and administration fees as levied by the concerned service supplier.


In case you have applied for the refund, there's no specific time period within which we can guarantee your refund to be processed. We accept refund requests only on REQUEST basis. For the current status regarding your refund request, you may call us 72 hours after placing your request. After the re-confirmation of your refund request process, it may take another 8 to 10 weeks for the funds to reflect on your debit or credit card. You may also go through all the relevant provisions of our Terms and Conditions, particularly “Flight Cancellations”, “Changes to Flights Already Purchased”, “Human Error or Customer Service Agent's Error”, “Hotel Reservations Rules and Regulations”, “Itinerary Re-confirmation” and “Changes and Cancellations”, etc.

Flight Cancellations

All airline tickets sold on MyFlightPal are non-refundable. Where particular airline allows booking cancellation, you will be given a credit which you may redeem for your future reservation. However, the booking will be valid only for the same airline and you will be required to pay the fare difference (if any) and other fees as applicable to the booking. The credit must be redeemed with the stipulated period of time. You could place your cancellation request with our customer service agents and must make it before your flight departure time. We cannot guarantee the possibility of any booking cancellation and you will be required to pay a cancellation fee which may be upto £100 to be paid at the time of booking cancellation. MyFlightPal retains this cancellation fee. Your credit will be available for a limited time period. We expect you to inquire the concerned agent for the time before which it must be redeemed. Your failure to use your credit before the specified date may lead to forfeiture of the credit amount. You will be required to the airline fees and fare difference (if any) for your new booking. Apart from it, you will also have to pay the MyFlightPal Exchange fees. These provisions for booking changes are governed as per the rules and regulations of the airline. MyFlightPal cannot give any assurance on changes or fees. There is no additional representation for the Ticket Exchange fees as applicable from our end. However, our agents will guide you with finding new flights and try re-booking a new flight on the basis of availability and other factors.

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