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Cheap One Way Flights Deals

* All fares are of one way flights including all taxes & service fees. The fares are based on historical data and subject to change that can not be guaranteed at the time of booking.Check Booking Terms & Conditions

  • Amsterdam
    from London
    £ 66*/pp
  • Milan
    from London
    £ 257*/pp
  • Delhi
    from London
    £ 311*/pp
  • Ahmedabad
    from London
    £ 316*/pp
  • Lisbon
    from Manchester
    £ 317*/pp
  • New York
    from London
    £ 320*/pp
  • Rome
    from London
    £ 333*/pp
  • Sialkot
    from Manchester
    £ 439*/pp
  • Kingston
    from London
    £ 509*/pp

Get Cheap one-way Flight Tickets on Myflightpal

Finding cheap one-way flight tickets is a challenge, but Myflightpal makes the process easy. Here are some tips that may help you score cheap one-way flight tickets:

  1. Book in advance: Get your flight tickets early to find cheaper one-way tickets.
  2. Flexible travel dates: If your travel dates are flexible, you may find cheaper one-way tickets. Avoid peak travel times, as airfares tend to be higher.
  3. Check for Myflightpal deals: Myflightpal often offers coupon discounts on one-way flight tickets, so keep an eye out for them.
  4. Travel with budget airlines: Myflightpal suggests you travel with budget airlines for cheap one-way tickets. However, please check the additional fees they may charge for baggage, food, and seat selection.

Check all the inclusions and flight timings before you book one-way flight tickets to avoid surprises. With Myflightpal, you can find great deals on one-way flight tickets.

What are one-way flights?

A one-way flight is an airline ticket to travel from one destination to another without returning to the starting point. It does not include a return journey. One-way tickets are for travellers who are flexible with their travel plans. They can be useful for last-minute travel or emergencies. However, one-way flights may not always be a cost-effective and cheap option. Mostly, round-trip tickets are cheaper than purchasing two separate one-way tickets. Before booking, talk to Myflightpal flight experts who compare airfares for you before booking your flight tickets.

What are the benefits of booking one-way flights?

Booking one-way flights can offer several benefits to travellers. It includes:

  • Flexibility: One-way tickets can offer greater flexibility to change their return date without the risk of losing money.
  • Cost savings: Sometimes, separate one-way ticket booking is cheaper than a round-trip flight ticket. Travellers with flexible plans can enjoy lower airfares during off-peak seasons.
  • Multiple destinations: One-way tickets allow travellers to book flights to multiple destinations without returning to their starting point.
  • Emergencies: In emergencies like illness or family emergencies, booking a one-way ticket offers greater flexibility in travel arrangements.

Is it cheaper to book one-way flights?

It is not always cheaper to book one-way flights compared to round-trip flights. However, sometimes booking one-way flights can be more cost-effective:

  • Multi-city trips: If you plan a multi-city trip, booking one-way tickets can be cheaper than booking a round-trip ticket.
  • Flexible travel plans: If you have flexible travel plans, you may find cheaper one-way tickets by booking in advance or taking advantage of last-minute airline offers.
  • Budget carriers: Low-cost carriers often offer cheaper one-way tickets for short-haul flights.

When you book two separate one-way tickets, it's sometimes more expensive than booking a round-trip ticket. Therefore, seek Myflightpal flight experts to compare airfares and weigh the pros and cons before booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between Round-trip flights and One-way flights?

The main difference between round-trip and one-way flights is that round-trip flights include both the outbound and return journey. And one-way flights include only the outbound journey. In that case, the departure and return dates are pre-determined, and the passenger travels on those specific dates. With a one-way flight, the passenger only books a ticket for the outbound journey allowing flexibility to choose a return date.

Round-trip flights are usually cheaper than booking two separate one-way tickets, especially for long-haul flights. However, one-way tickets are useful for travellers with flexible travel plans. It's important to note that round-trip and one-way flights may have different cancellation policies and fees.

Q. Which airlines offer the best One-way flight deals?

Many airlines offer one-way flight deals depending on your specific travel plans and the routes you fly. Here are some airlines that are known for good deals on one-way flights:

Norwegian Air: Norwegian Air is a low-cost carrier based in Norway that offers cheap one-way tickets. They have low airfares and charge for checked bags and meals, depending on your requirements.

Ryanair: Ryanair is a low-cost carrier based in Ireland known for low one-way airfares in Europe. Many low-cost carriers charge an additional fee for baggage, food, and seat selection. Myflightpal recommends you read all the applicable fees before booking your best deal.

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