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Monaco Holidays

Monaco is the second smallest independent country in the world, squeezed into 200 hectares after the Vatican. It is near the border of Italy. Their official language is French, and it forms an enclave within France. It became a constitutional monarchy in 1911. An attraction for adventurers and travellers since the start of the 20th century, Monaco is well-known to be a tax haven. It hosts the annual Formula One Grand Prix. Holidays in Monaco are a big hit and the primary reason for their ever-growing economy, making it an ideal tourist destination, despite its small size.

All-Inclusive Monaco Holidays Packages

An urban country, Monaco is divided into four central regions: Monaco-Ville, also known as the old city, the Condamine is their port quarter, Monte-Carlo the business and recreation hub, and Fontvieille, which is the recreation and light industry. As natural resources are scarce, Monaco has become a tourist attraction for people worldwide, offering all-inclusive Monaco holidays and a tax haven for the business world. Even though Monaco is six times bigger than the Vatican, it is the most densely populated country in the world, with approximately 38,400 people living in just 2 kilometers.

*All holiday package rates displayed are updated as of Jun 15, 2024, at 9:26 AM EST. The airfares are on a per-passenger basis and the hotel rates are on a twin-sharing per-night basis unless stated otherwise. Our Service Fees and government, hotel and other charges may apply. Read our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Our Monaco Hotel Recommendations

Top Tourist Attractions of Monaco

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Holidays

Monte Carlo is renowned as the most famous district of Monaco. A holiday to Monte Carlo is around the opulent Monte Carlo Casino. It is one of the most popular gambling spots in the world. The iconic James Bond series was shot here, and many Hollywood movie buffs will recognize the iconic towers and the elaborate interior design of the casino. It is heaven for shoppers who indulge in luxury and jewellery. From Dior and Chanel to Balenciaga and Fendi, you will find renowned brand names at the Golden Circle - three streets near the casino. And those who abstain from retail therapy can go to Larvotto Beach for therapeutic beachfront walks.

Prince's Palace

Prince's Palace of Monaco

The Palais Princier, also known as Prince's Palace of Monaco, is situated in the old Monaco-Ville and is worth visiting by everyone who comes to Monaco. The palace provides tourists with audio-guided tours daily and runs all day and all night. Here, you can experience a beautiful panoramic vista that overlooks the Port and Monte-Carlo. You can also witness the iconic tradition of changing the guard ceremony. It is performed in front of the palace by the Carabiniers at 11:55 AM. The Carabiniers were in charge of the Prince's security. They also offer him a Guard of Honour and act like His escorts on special occasions. The Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince also has a military band that performs at public concerts, sports events, formal occasions, and international military music festivals.

Jardin Exotique

Jardin Exotique Monaco

Jardin Exotique de Monaco is the Exotic Garden of Monaco. It is an open-air park that displays succulent plants from arid regions. It includes plants from the USA, Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula. The Observatory Cave is at the bottom of the cliff. It is a large cavern ideal for tourists and history buffs to explore prehistoric rock formations. The planted plants were in the botanical garden in the late 1860s. Louis Vatican, a Monegasque agronomist, added African succulents to the South American plants. You can find evidence of prehistoric human inhabitants displayed at the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, founded by Prince Albert 1 in 1902.

Monaco Harbour

Monaco Harbour

Monaco Harbour is a magnificent oceanfront in Monte Carlo where you can stroll around and spot superyachts, casinos, cathedrals, and museums. You can see the beauty of people around you, from children to the elderly, enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the harbour. It stretches along the province and is home to many famous landmarks of Monaco. Book your tickets with Myflightpal to stroll along the vibrant quays, exploring the museums and palaces on the way, and board a water taxi to view the magnificent sights of the Mediterranean sea. Monaco-Ville divides the harbour into two quays, where the palace and oceanographic museum ascend from a rocky ledge. To the south, Fontvieille Harbour is narrower but home to most museums. To the north, near Casino Square and several quality restaurants, find Port Hercule, which is full of stylish yachts.

Hidden Gems of Monaco

Saint Nicholas Cathedral

Cathedrale de Monaco is also known as the Saint Nicholas Cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Monaco. It is in Monaco-Ville and known as the Cathedral of Our Lady Of The Immaculate Conception and Cathédrale de Notre-Dame-Immaculée in French. It was built between 1875 and 1903 and was declared sacred in 1911. Its architecture is of the Roman-Byzantine style using white stone from La Turbie. The Cathedral is home to many tombs of Monaco's former Princes. Inside the Cathedral, you can see the magnificent high altar and the Episcopal throne constructed using white Carrara marble.

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Saint Martin Gardens

St Martin Gardens, commonly known as Jardin St. Martin, is the first public garden of the principality. It opened in 1816, and it was built on abandoned land so that the famine-hit population got employment. They are made of a series of pathways southwest of the Rock of Monaco. It is stretched over 1.2 hectares (11,200 square metres), the gardens are home to archaeological finds dating from the Holocene era. The St Martin Gardens were originally home to typical Mediterranean trees like pine trees, holm oaks, pistachio trees, myrtle, etc.) Exotic species later acclimatised as an addition. This green oasis is hidden between the Oceanographic Museum and the Cathedral, offering its visitors beautiful views of the sea and a stroll full of surprises. You can see unique plants and sculptures, creating a combination of art and botany. At the oceanfront facing the Mediterranean, you can see the bronze statue of Prince Albert I, who was known as the "navigator prince", created by Francois Cogne

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Opera de Monte Carlo

The Opera de Monte-Carlo is an opera house located in the Principality of Monaco. It is a part of the Monte Carlo Casino. In the 1870s, Prince Charles III and Société des Bains de Mer decided to open a concert hall in the casino. It was opened in 1879 and was called the Salle Garnier, named after Charles Garnier, the architect who designed it. After the renovation of the Salle Garnier in 2004 and 2005, the concert hall now has modern conference and performance halls where the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra and Les Ballets de Monte Carlo perform regularly. Over the years, it has maintained the tradition of old Opera while making creative advancements. Visitors can enjoy shows like the Monte Carlo Jazz Festival, which is held every autumn and brings the jazz music acts of all time.

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Roseraie Princesse Grace

At the centre of the Gardens of Fontvieille, you can find the Princess Grace Rose Garden, la Roseraie Princesse Grace in French. Stretched in 5000 square metres, this garden is a place of calm and serenity. It is home to many contemporary sculptures and nearly 4000 bushes of roses that fill the air with their sweet fragrance. The rose garden is constructed in memory of Princess Grace, the wife of Prince Rainier III. It is according to the principles of an English rose garden. Yet, it maintains the character of Mediterranean culture with its century-old olive trees. It opened on 18 June 1984 and has been a crowd favourite ever since.

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Fort Antoine

The Monaco-Ville neighbourhood's Avenue de la Quarantaine is home to the small Fort Antoine Theatre. The fort holds outdoor plays during the summer. The theatre was built as a fortress in the early 18th century before being destroyed in 1944. This early-nineteenth-century fortress is now an open-air theatre; it was reconstructed in 1953 on HRH Prince Rainier III initiative after being destroyed in 1944. Its military architecture, watchtower, and almost total isolation all contribute to its allure. Its stage is nicely set up, with a pyramid of cannonballs in the centre. The pittosporum hedges that serve as protection where there is no parapet highlight the fort's military architectural style.

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Sainte Devote Chapel

St. Devota, the patron saint of Monaco, is honoured in the Roman Catholic chapel known as Sainte-Dévote Chapel (French: Chapelle Sainte Dévote; Ligurian: Geija de Santa Devotâ). Archives from 1070 first refer to the chapel, located where the Chapel of Relics now stands and built up against the Vallon des Games wall. It was rebuilt in the sixteenth century. Prince Honoré II added a span in 1606, followed by a porch in 1637. The façade was reconstructed in 1870 and underwent additional restoration in 1891 in "18th-century Neo-Greek" fashion. Nicolas Lorin of Chartres created the stained-glass window frames. In 1887, the chapel was converted into a parish church. The Sovereign Prince of Monaco's bride customarily places her bridal bouquet at the chapel following the wedding ceremony. The first corner of the Circuit de Monaco, which hosts the Monaco Grand Prix, is known as "Sainte-Dévote" because of the chapel's name.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Holidays in Monaco

Monaco is best-visited in the spring or fall. Both April and October are ideal months for a vacation because the weather is mild and the accommodations are lower. This extravagant getaway loses its sparkle between November and March, but you can save money on accommodations if you visit during the cooler winter months. If you go in the summer, the beaches are crowded, the temperature will be warmer, and the restaurants will have long lines, but you will also get to see Monaco at its most vibrance.
You should budget around £144 per day for your vacation in Monaco, as this is the per day price based on other tourists' expenditures. Previous visitors spent an average of £40 on meals a day and £14 on public transportation. In addition, the average hotel rate in Monaco for a couple is £320. So, a one-week trip to Monaco for two people typically costs £2240. All of these average travel prices have been gathered from other travellers to assist you in planning your trip cost estimate.
A typical fast food meal in Monaco costs £11.20 (13 EUR) for a McDonald's or BurgerKing McMeal (or an equivalent combo meal), and £3.27 (3.80 EUR) for a cheeseburger. Cappuccino coffee costs £275.73 (3.90 EUR), and espresso costs £194. (2.80 EUR). You can get more information about meals and budgets from Myflightpal's destination customer support

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