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Cheap Red Eye Flights Deals

*Fares displayed on this Site are updated as of Jun 15, 2024 at 9:26 AM EST. They are for One Way or Round Trips as mentioned alongside. These include our Service Fees and other applicable airline and government charges. Fares are based on historical data, may change without prior notice. Fare can’t be guaranteed until ticketed. Read our Terms and Conditions carefully for more details.

  • Los Angeles
    from Belfast
    11-Jul to 24-Jul
    £ 836*/pp
  • Miami
    from Belfast
    16-Jul to 29-Jul
    £ 868*/pp
  • Las Vegas
    from Belfast
    11-Jul to 28-Jul
    £ 946*/pp
  • Bangkok
    from Belfast
    15-Jul to 01-Aug
    £ 980*/pp
  • Charlotte
    from Belfast
    10-Jul to 31-Jul
    £ 991*/pp
  • Chiang Mai
    from Belfast
    12-Jul to 07-Aug
    £ 1057*/pp
  • Atlanta
    from Belfast
    12-Jul to 01-Aug
    £ 1066*/pp
  • Koh Samui
    from Belfast
    16-Jul to 07-Aug
    £ 1274*/pp
  • Chiang Rai
    from Belfast
    09-Jul to 29-Jul
    £ 1361*/pp

Book Cheap Red Eye Flight Tickets

Whether you are a business traveller who needs a whole day to work or a leisure traveller who wants to skip long queues and the hassles of overcrowded airports, booking a cheap red-eye flight is the perfect solution. Who said being a night owl can not be beneficial for you? Not only do you save time by taking a red eye flight, but you also save your hard-earned money as red-eye flights are cheaper. You get the perks of a less crowded flight journey, faster airport check-ins, and budget-friendly airfares on top of not spending the whole day travelling.

If you are wondering about the meaning of a red eye flight, let Myflightpal educate you on the definition of what a red eye flight means. The term 'red-eye' means the red eyes of sleeplessness caused by travelling at odd hours, like early morning or late night. Flights that depart after 9 pm and arrive early at 5 or 6 am are considered Red Eye flights. It is a fairly popular trend for business travellers to choose this flight as they do not miss out on a work day to travelling. But red-eye flights offer more benefits than just saving your time.

Myflightpal offers affordable red eye plane tickets for various major international and domestic destinations around the world. We let you choose from the best airlines and only reserve the most convenient out of all available flights. Our dedicated team of travel consultants offer the best-available deals on red-eye flights to suit every budget. We continuously work to provide you with a range of affordable red eye plane tickets. It is better to book your flights as soon as possible to get the cheapest airfare. Red-eye flights are a blessing in disguise. For anyone who has ever faced the annoyance of a flight delay, or the hassles of getting through a long queue at the check-in, red eye flights are usually punctual and cheaper. You end up having a comfortable experience with emptier spaces and quieter flights. Once that is done, all you have to do is choose the best red-eye flight for your trip, book it at a low price with Myflightpal, bring a soft blanket, and wear the most comforta le clothes (ideally, night suits or pyjamas) to the airport, and you might find your favourite new way to fly! Book a window seat once you have completed your flight reservation. They are more comfortable than middle and aisle seats.

According to trends, red eye flights are less expensive than other flights. Fewer people choose to fly at an unusual hour. On the other hand, red-eye flights could be a fantastic alternative for those who want to save money on flights and don't mind sleeping throughout the journey. By boarding an overnight flight, the traveller avoids paying for hotel accommodations. Red eye flights are operated by several local and international airlines. By searching for flights on our website, you may purchase red-eye flight tickets on your selected routes with various carriers. We offer red eye travel deals on flights operated by over 500 airlines. With Myflightpal, you can always find attractive flight discounts. Book cheap red eye flights with us and save big on foreign travel. Purchase low-cost red eye flight tickets to your preferred international destinations and fly with the top airlines. We offer the best red-eye flight discounts, whether you're travelling for business or leisure. Please call or email us today if you want to learn more about our highly discounted red eye travel deals. We will gladly and promptly respond to your enquiries and ensure you save money on flights when you book with us.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a red-eye flight?

Red eye flights are such flights that depart late at night and arrive at the destination early in the morning. Travellers that choose these flights are prone to fatigue, most likely caused by the lack of sleep, which causes the eyes of the traveller to turn red. They are common when flying on westbound transatlantic routes. Airlines like Qatar Airways, Etihad, and Emirates have some of the best red-eye flights operating on all major air routes. The price difference between a daytime and a red eye flight is so significant that the chance of getting red-eye due to sleeplessness does not seem that daunting.

Are red eye flights safe?

Red eye flights are very safe for various reasons. Usually, passengers boarding a red-eye flight fall asleep for the entirety of the journey. Hence, you can avoid noise and crowds. Considering the safety at the airport, late at night or early morning, airport security is always at par with all the security measures. The pilots, airline staff, and cabin crew members are well-trained for nighttime schedules. Those who can afford to fly Business Class can sleep peacefully on a lie-flat seat or a comfortable reclining seat. Red eye flights are perfect for anyone who knows what to expect from the journey and is well prepared for it.

How to prepare for a red-eye flight?

If you are ready to embark on a plane for a nighttime journey, you need to prepare yourself to help survive a red eye flight. Choose a flight that departs close to your regular bedtime. This way, you will have a strong chance of falling asleep. Choosing the appropriate seat comes next. The best option is to book a window seat as you will have zero interruptions in your sleep. Wearing comfortable clothes like sleepwear and an eye mask can make a significant difference. We also suggest you avoid alcohol and caffeine since they can cause dehydration. Instead, go for a light meal so that your stomach stays calm and not bloated.

Are red eye flights cheaper?

Red-eye flights are usually cheaper than daytime flights on the same route. Due to the obscure flight timings, red eye flights are often significantly more affordable than flights operating at other times of the day. They are also convenient and safe. If you can make peace with taking a late-night flight and are confident that it will not be physically exhausting for you, you can go for a red-eye flight. Moreover, you get to save extra money as a red eye flight acts as transportation and accommodation for you. As you spend the night on a flight, you do not end up paying for a hotel stay for one night.

Do Red Eye Flights Save Time?

Absolutely! Taking a red-eye flight comes with more benefits than cons. You save time on many levels. Since the airport is nearly empty at night, it is less busy. Hence, your check-in, baggage drop, boarding, and baggage claim are all completed more efficiently than during the daytime when the airport is overcrowded. And as you spend the night travelling, when you arrive at your destination in the morning the next day, you have a full day ahead for yourself. Flying at conventional hours of the day means that you spend the whole day travelling. Hence, red eye flights are the best way to save time.

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