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*Fares displayed on this Site are updated as of Jul 20, 2024 at 9:26 AM EST. They are for One Way or Round Trips as mentioned alongside. These include our Service Fees and other applicable airline and government charges. Fares are based on historical data, may change without prior notice. Fare can’t be guaranteed until ticketed. Read our Terms and Conditions carefully for more details.

  • Miami
    from Belfast
    21-Aug to 10-Sep
    £ 704*/pp
  • Los Angeles
    from Belfast
    20-Aug to 03-Sep
    £ 708*/pp
  • Bangkok
    from Belfast
    22-Aug to 05-Sep
    £ 781*/pp
  • Chiang Mai
    from Belfast
    24-Aug to 05-Sep
    £ 941*/pp
  • Charlotte
    from Belfast
    25-Aug to 07-Sep
    £ 967*/pp
  • Atlanta
    from Belfast
    20-Aug to 03-Sep
    £ 987*/pp
  • Las Vegas
    from Belfast
    19-Aug to 05-Sep
    £ 1020*/pp
  • Krabi
    from Belfast
    19-Aug to 12-Sep
    £ 1164*/pp
  • Chiang Rai
    from Belfast
    14-Aug to 11-Sep
    £ 1198*/pp

What are Last Minute Flights?

Last minute flights are the flights that you book close to the date and time of departure of the flight. The booking is on the day of departure or a few days before the flight. It is an option people mostly go for when they need to travel in an emergency and need help to assume flexibility in their plans. Although there are more affordable modes of travelling, you may get cheap last-minute flight deals with Myflightpal. As the name suggests, last minute flights are purchased before departure, and due to airport protocols where check-in for a flight usually closes 25 minutes before departure, we advise you to book at least a day prior. To book a last-minute flight at a cheaper rate, visit or call on the toll-free number to get the best-available airfare on flights leaving on the same day. Reach out to Myflightpal to find the right flight for you from all lastminute flights available for the dates and destinations you want.

Why fly at the last minute?

Last minute flights are for those who need to travel for an emergency or crisis. However, it is also an excellent choice for people who wish to take advantage of a chance to go on an impromptu trip to a destination. Whether it is a free weekend or a temporary break from routine, you can celebrate your time off with a short retreat by booking a last-minute flight with Myflightpal. Last minute flights are usually overpriced. Hence wise travellers plan and book their tickets in advance. With Myflightpal, be assured of getting good deals on airfares even if you search for last-minute flights. Getting cheap last minute flights to your desired destination will ensure you have extra money to spend on accommodations, food, and tourist activities. With expert travel consultants of Myflightpal on your side, you will not be stuck on exorbitant fares on lastminute flights. Searching for a last-minute online deal? MyFlightPal has great offers for every kind of last-minute flights to top domestic as well as international destinations. Avail our best deals for your next plan for weekend getaways, holiday trips or winter vacations. At MyFlightPal, we have a vast array of lastminute flight offers for your next vacation. With great savings on airline tickets, you don’t have to pay dearly for your next vacation!

Best destinations for a last-minute flight

Destinations with multiple airports give you more options in airlines, itineraries and airfares. Start your flight search with Myflightpal and call us and ask to search for nearby airports for both departure and arrival destinations. Round-trip flights are usually on the expensive side. Hence you can save more by booking two separate one-way tickets, which will allow you to mix and match different airlines for cheaper airfare. While choosing the best destination for a last minute flight, you should know the popular destinations with multiple airports have more flights scheduled, so you have a better shot at finding a cheap last-minute flight deals. Since most airlines fly these routes, you can benefit from competitive prices. EasyJet and Norwegian Airlines both offer attractive offers on last minute flights. While researching, search for round-trip and one-way trips to see which last-minute flight is the best for you. The best destinations for last minute flights in the United Kingdom are London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nottingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Birmingham, and Bristol. Through the summers, you will find reasonably priced flights to the European continent. You can fly with Ryanair, which offers lastminute flights to and from major European destinations. Subscribe to Myflightpal's newsletter, get irresistible deals from our flight database and get sale alerts and exclusive coupon codes.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do flights get cheaper last minute?

Yes, airlines often offer cheap airfares on lastminute flights to fill up the empty seats on the flight. However, it is highly unlikely that you will find better airfare at the last minute. But there is a possibility of scoring a cheap flight ticket for the next available flight for all major airlines. It is important to note that airfares can change depending on the selected route, destinations, time and date of departure. With Myflightpal, you can find affordable airfares for last-minute flights.

How to get cheap last-minute flights?

Although it is common knowledge that the best way to book flights is to plan before and be flexible, at times, you don't have the privilege of booking in advance due to emergencies or urgent work meetings. Myflightpal is the best tool for such times as we assure you of finding affordable airfares no matter where and when you are flying. Give us a call or visit our website to get deals and discounts on last-minute flights.

Can you buy lastminute flights at the airport?

You can buy last-minute flights directly from the airport. However, it has no advantages as the tickets are immensely higher than the usual airfares. Moreover, extra fees apply if you book tickets for the next available flight directly from the airport. Myflightpal can help you in such a situation by offering you better airfares and extra discounts on last-minute flights.


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